Profile and philosophy

Ever since I was a child, I have always been attracted by art and beauty.
In my life, I have had many opportunities to travel and discover other cultures, countries and religions.
Whether it may be in Africa, in the States or in different European countries, I have learnt to listen to people, talk with them and respect them in all their diversity. This quest for the truth led me to search for a meaning in my life and that is why I spent a few years in a religious community.

I trained in painting and sculpture thanks to different persons I met and also to my personal work.
My aim is that my works of art may convey with strength and a lot of tenderness a message that is deprived of what is non essential and which only exists to “Touch and lift up the soul of whoever looks at them.”

“The work of art is like a window which opens on the invisible presence that is carved in the heart of each human being and illuminates it. The work of art is like a child. It doest not necessarily need to be explained and understood but loved and welcomed just as it is.”

“Each one of my works of art contains a message which can only be understood by one who accepts to let himself be deprived of all that is unnecessary. If it is genuine, it can help men and women discover who they really are, and the grow, and love even more. It can awaken what is most noble and beautiful within our hearts.”

Patrick Chupin